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  • Rave Blitz
    Nov 5

    Youtuber Jensaarai1 gives an analysis on one of the Greatest Sith Lords in history:
  • The Darth Abides
    Jan 8

    What are some of the most elusive Expanded Universe novels, comics, or short stories you have had the most trouble finding? Did you find it? Still scouring the internet and Ebay with every key word combination you can think of? To start it off here are a few of mine. Most elusive is Dig Magazine with the short story "Lost City of Tatooine" By David West Reynolds. I have searched wide and far for that magazine. Ive contacted the author, the publisher, and scour every magazine section at every used book store I go to! One I found was Imperial Troop Transport from the Kenner toy. Though I paid a hefty price in the end. Let's hear yours!
  • Rave Blitz
    Apr 7

    Let's discuss possibly the Best Cartoon series which gave us the introduction of General Grievous, and awesome characters like Asajj Ventress!

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