Feb 4, 2018

What's your favorite EU/Legends book?


Edited: Jul 9, 2018

Let's kick this off! My favorite book era is anything Bantam. Not just the obvious Zahn titles, but the "Tales" books and the Bounty Hunter Wars. Such a fun era. Not to mention Roque Squadron. What about everyone else?

Jul 12, 2018

I love to Bantam Era as well, though I must admit once Del Rey took back the publishing rights, they did an AMAZING job!

Jefferson R. Weekley
Sep 6, 2018

There really isn't a story I don't like, but I think the X-Wing series is some of the best writing in the EU.

The Darth Abides
Jan 8

Anything Dawn of the Jedi era! INCLUDING Into the Void. I read it for the first time, reading all the flashbacks first as a prequel of sorts. It flowed nice.

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