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  • Dylan Kling

Dylan's Armada: MC30c Frigate

MC30c Frigate

Class Frigate

Length 580m

Cost 9,500,000 credits

Hyperdrive Rating Class 1, Backup class 15

Crew 820, 95 passengers

Consumables 2 years

Shielding Equipped

Hull Light Armor

Armament 2 Heavy Proton Torpedo Launchers, 16 Medium Turbolaser Turrets, 16 Twin Laser Cannons, 6 Cluster Bomb Launchers (with 6 Cluster Bombs each)


The MC30c was a fast and heavily armed and powerful mid-sized ship in the Rebel Alliance arsenal. While it’s 16 medium Turbolasers were more than enough to take on other frigates at range this ship primary purpose was as a capital ship destroyer. Using its incredible speed for its size this ship was in its element sneaking up and closing the distance to a high valued Imperial target to get close enough to unleash a devastating Proton Torpedo strike and bug out before the enemy ship knew what hit it. It’s afore mentioned Medium Turbolasers could soften up the target before the strike or harass the surviving escorts on its way out. The Twin Laser Cannons were also ideal for taking on swarms of enemy TIEs though the cluster bombs were its ultimate trump card against swarming Starfighters.

However, in order to have an armament to take on just about anything that the Empire could throw at it and engines fast enough to out run everything in its size class sacrifices did have to be made and while fairly well shielded this ship traded armor for its firepower and speed. If it came under any concentrated attack by something of its class or even took a few passing shots from something like a Star Destroyer could cripple it. TO protect against this the shield generators were buried deep within the superstructure so that the shield would constantly regenerate as long as the ship still functioned no matter how much damage it took. Still though it was best for the MC30c to avoid drawing too much enemy fire which can be hard when it needs to be up close and personal to do what it does best.

Because of this it was rare to see on its own. Sure the Cluster Bombs (being that they are best used while not around friendly ships due to the collateral damage) were great at taking out Starfighters if it got swarmed it only had a limited amount and waves of bombers would eventually overwhelm. In fact on its own it may be able to get close enough to an enemy ship to take it out but it would take a lot of fire doing so and unless the enemy gunners were terrible at their jobs or just unlucky it wouldn’t make it. As such this ship was best utilized in a supporting role in a larger fleet. It would often be deployed behind other larger ships who would start the battle off opening fire to draw the attention of the enemy fleet. Then with the enemy focusing on the larger ships, zoom in to take down a high valued target and bug out when its torpedo tubes emptied.

In summary the MC30c was one of the most heavily armed but lightly armored ship in the Rebel Alliance fleet. With more than enough speed to close the distance and firepower to take out a Star Destroyer but couldn’t take any return fire if it was spotted. Nonetheless they were well known and feared by Imperial Captains. And while not often used were a force that could turn the tide of any battle. In short a glass cannon on rocket skates.

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