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  • Dylan Kling

Dylan's Armada: Pellaeon Class Star Destroyer

Pellaeon Class Star Destroyer

Class Destroyer

Length 1600 m

Cost Not Available for Sale

Hyperdrive Rating Class .75

Crew 8450, 2700 passengers/troops

Consumables 6 months

Cargo Capacity 11,000 metric tons

Shielding Equipped

Hull Light Armor

Armament 50 Heavy Turbolaser Batteries, 50 Medium Turbolaser Batteries, 40 Ion Cannon

Batteries, 3 Tractor Beam Projectros, 5 Proton Torpedo Launchers, Interdiction Field

Complement 48 Predator-class Fighters, 6 Nune-class Imperial Shuttles


Named after the Legendary Admiral and Imperial Remnant Head of State Gilad Pellaeon the Pellaeon class Star Destroyer served as the backbone of the Fel Empire. Introduced sometime between 104 and 127ABY it took inspiration from many previous variants of Star Destroyers including the sleek dagger shape known to all ships of the Star Destroyer family.

It boasted a slightly more powerful armament as its predecessor the Imperial II class Star Destroyers and improved on many of its designs. With its hangar on its ventral side and a command bridge tower similarly laid out to the Venator class it shared a lot the traits of previous ships of the Destroyer family.

In addition to these similarities it also boasted

gravity well generators allowing it to pull ships

out of hyperspace and keep them in system.

Unlike previous interdictors that housed the

projectors so that they protruded out of their

hulls the Pellaeon housed the projectors deep

in its superstructure making them more

difficult to take out. To accommodate this and

still keep its sleek shape the engineers

designed the iconic forward- slopped

superstructure giving it its signature look.

This sloping serves to not only house the

gravity wells but also allows for more armor

due to the sloped armor effect which both

increases the distance projectiles have to travel

to pierce armor and increase the chance that

they deflect off the armor. All of this while still

balancing the sleekness of the overall shape

making the ship a harder target for enemy

gunners and giving less surface area for shields

to cover and therefore stronger.

However this front sloping design wasn’t just a defensive measure as it also allowed all of its

main batteries and most of its secondary batteries to be able to fire forward completely

unobstructed, something none of its predecessors were able to do to as well as the Pellaeon

could. This allowed for a devastating frontal barrage but it also has comparable firepower to most other ships in its class from its broadsides. Really it’s only main weakness was its rear where the engines were mounted and it was lightly armed and armored.

Because of this in combat it was common for commanders to use their interdictor fields to keep enemy ships from jumping in on their flank instead pulling them out of hyperspace at a distance far enough to be able to turn around and meet the attacker head on. Or more commonly having its supporting ships like the Ardent class frigate, or Fel class Destroyers use their superior speed and maneuverability to cover their flanks.

These ships would be the mainstay of the Imperial and Sith Fleets during the Eternal War, and there was at least one at just about every main battle of that war. With a forward barrage that next to nothing of its size class could withstand an interdiction field to keep them from running and rugged defensive systems to weather the worst barrages the enemy could throw at it. There was little that could stand in its way.

One of the Latest and my opinion greatest of the Star Destroyer line.

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