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Jedi Outcast - Lego EU Fan Film

Today, I received a text from my dear dark sister, "Darth Moll"; it was one sentence and a link to a Youtube Video. THIS Lego Video. "Jedi Outcast in Lego"

This Is Amazing! This Fan Film was made by raptor5120 on Youtube, using Blender 2.78 program and using the Audio and Cut Scenes from the Jedi Outcast Game. "Darth Moll" has recently experienced Kyle Katarn and Jan Ors through the Dark Forces Audio Drama Trilogy, she has quickly become a fan of this Special Operations Duo. I still don't know how she stumbled upon this before me and she is asking me for Spoilers on the story. All you have to do is play the game. (Steam or GOG) Lots of EU Support in the comments; please go add your own support so maybe we can see Episode 2 in Lego Style before too long. May The Force Be With You! To see more from Debbie, click here. To find Debbie on Facebook, click here.

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