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Smugglers' Route: Your Path to Expanded Universe Merchandise from the Unknown Regions of Space (

With the sheer volume of NEW Star Wars Merchandise now in the marketplace, you may wish there were more opportunities to express your Original Star Wars Expanded Universe fandom. Here are a few unknown treasures of the Expanded Universe that I have found while scavenging every Space Port of Star Wars merchandise:

I often talk about wearing Mara Jade Shirts to strike up a conversation with all manner of fans; people often ask me where can I find these shirts of the EU’s Favorite Redhead! This shirt is made to order in a very high-quality print. The shirt features Mara Jade in a Nouveau style outside of Jabba’s Palace.

This shirt is my favorite; it is in fact the shirt I wore during my Princes of the Universe Podcast interview with Matt Wilkins. WeLoveFine used to have this design in a Unisex/Men size too; for some unknown reason, they no longer offer it in those sizes. It won’t be long until the Women’s sizes are retired if steady orders are not received. WeLoveFine owns the rights to this design, so this is the only site you can get a quality shirt like this with this particular image. It is my goal to get another run of this Mara Jade Shirt in both cuts from this retailer, by contacting WeLoveFine and showing there is a demand for Legends/Expanded Universe Merchandise.

Help Me Expanded Universe Fans; you’re my only hope!

Here is their contact information, that is freely posted on their website: CUSTOMER SERVICE 213-235-4710 Monday - Friday 9am-5:00pm PST Saturday & Sunday CLOSED

Please be polite and respectful, call and email that you would like another run of the Mara Jade Nouveau shirt for Mens and Womens sizes.

Legends truly die if we forget them, this is a #WeBuyLegends effort to show that #WeLoveLegends. Thank you in advance for your efforts.

My friend Meredith Funk has a knack and passion for making jewelry and has her own Brick-and-Mortar store in Colorado and stores online.

Jedi Logo Necklace: It is next to impossible now-a-days to find the Jedi Logo merchandise. With Disney/Lucasfilm flooding the Market with Rebellion Era merchandise, and the destruction of Luke’s New Jedi Order with the D-Canon storyline, all you can find is the Rebel and Imperial logos on Merchandise. My friend Meredith designed this Jedi Logo Necklace. Her Process is simple; “design on the computer, laser out the 'awesome shiny parts', assemble and sell”. For this one, I swapped out the provided chain for a lovely matching ribbon necklace; Here modeled by the lovely Debbie, me.

Holocron Necklace: Behold the Holocron. This Necklace conceived and executed by Meredith, is usually accented Gold, but I requested Silver accents since it is my second favorite color, and she customized it for me. Here it hangs on my necklace tree. This necklace is out of production, at the moment, but I’m sure if she received enough requests she would bring the design back. Perhaps we can persuade her to make a Sith Holocron for our Dark Brethren, too.

104th Battalion Wolf Pack “Dog Tags”: Meredith even takes requests. Whether you love or hate Filoni’s Clone Wars,

they are popular with the kids. My own nephew loves all things wolves and therefore Plo Koon’s 104th Battalion with Commander Wolffe quickly became his favorites. I commissioned a “dog tag” of the 104th battalion with Filoni’s Wolf design for my nephew’s birthday. Meredith and I worked on the design together, exchanged pictures and emails and when my nephew’s birthday came around, he had a 104th Battalion dog tag as part of his gift. I may not have liked the entirety of Filoni’s show, but I do love wolves as much as my nephew and got one of these dog tags for myself. Meredith now sells this design regularly at her store, online and at her convention appearances. I knew someone with the talent to create something I wanted and had the courage to ask for it. Now other Plo Koon or Commander Wolffe Fans can get this same dog tag.

You can visit Meredith and FoxyFunkDesigns at the following sites:


I have gotten quite a few shirts to express my love for the Expanded Universe from this retailer. The Artists upload their designs and the shirts are made to order. You can choose the color or even the Merchandise the design is put on. From T-shirts, to long sleeve shirts, hoodies, notebooks, and mugs; you can even get them as prints to frame for your wall. This one is called “First Kiss” by teepublic contributor Alienbiker23, featuring a Mash Up of Charlie Brown and his little Red Headed Girl dressed as Luke Skywalker and his little Red headed girl, Mara Jade. I love this shirt! I’m not even that big of a Peanuts Fan, but it had Mara Jade, so you know I had to get it.


"I never eat my guests - at least not without tea, and you've just missed that." ―Shalera the Hutt

Our site has previously shared the Star Wars Expanded Universe Tea collection from by Emilie Nouveau. Here is that link again:

You can buy the sample tins to see which Flavor/Character suits you and when you find one you like, you can get the 3oz pouch or the 5oz tin with the same awesome design as the mini tin.

What about you? Have you found a niche of unknown Expanded Universe Merchandise? Tell us about it in the comments. Are you a graphic artist? Perhaps you could upload your Expanded Universe fan art to Teepublic and we could share it here! There is a desperate need for innovative ways to express our Expanded Universe fandom. Homemade Merchandise will have to be the norm until we can get our EU/Legends storyline continued as an Alternate Timeline with related merchandise. May The Force Be With You Your Friendly Neighborhood Mara Fan Debbie

To see more from Debbie, click here!

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