• Christopher Nelson

Expanded Universe...commercials? Yes!

When you think Star Wars commercials, you probably think of movie trailers first; action figure ads second; perhaps Clone Wars spots last. But did you know that the the EU had a much wider range of commercials for all of its various stories, shows, and toy figure lines? There were commercials about books, comics, reference guides, EU-specific action figure lines, and more. Check out some of my favorites below, which are just a small sample - let us know in the comments what other commercials you remember or have seen available online! You can see a growing list here.


New Jedi Order, Vector Prime

Darth Maul - Shadow Hunter

Death Troopers

Ewoks and Droids

​Ewoks: The Battle For Endor Trailer

Droids and Ewoks commercial


Marvel Pizzazz Magazine 'Spider-Man' Commercial (learn more about Pizzazz and its relation to the EU here)

Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison

Action figures

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire