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The “Boogeyman” Game

In a Twitter post a few months ago, Pablo “The Sky is Falling” Hidalgo posted that fans of the Expanded Universe were going to “spoil” the new Star Wars movie this December.

This outrageous “labeling” of the movement is what’s wrong with the world today.

Let’s think about this for a moment; he’s implying that any leaks from the internet of Episode VIII will be a direct result from a frustrated EU Fanboy trying to “get even” at Lucasfilm for “getting rid” of the Expanded Universe.

Mr. Hidalgo, let me give you some advice, the internet spoils EVERYTHING. There’s not a movie that comes out today that isn’t spoiled days before its release. News media, cinema employees, reviewers, or SOMEONE has already seen it and crows about the entire plot online before it’s even out.

Hard to say when this pattern started but I remember seeing it as far back as the late 90’s. There was a website that did just that. I know, because I’d check it every so often to see if the movie was something worth going to see.

On the other hand, do I think the person who made this “spoiler” statement was a fan of the Expanded Universe? Sure, could be. An angry, immature brat who just wants attention, whom I think we should ignore altogether.

This guy is desperate for attention and knows how much coverage the last “spoiler jihad” had in the media so now he’s trying to capitalize on that popularity from 2 years ago in order to get noticed…..and Pablo took the bait.

In a nation that blames everything on Russia and Trump it’s not hard to see where Mr Hildago’s lack of insight originates. We’re a generation that passes blame to a nameless “boogeyman” that can’t be clearly defined.

Who’s going to spoil The Last Jedi? The internet. 2 days (or more) before its release. NOT some fictitious organization intent on…wait, what is the intent? How is spoiling a movie going to achieve anything?! It makes no sense and the only person stupider that making a statement are the ones who treat it as a real threat.

My advice to Pablo? The internet is a mean place. Full of trolls, spammers, and scammers. Don’t give them the satisfaction of acknowledgment. The only thing they can hope to achieve is get 5 seconds of fame online. And tweeting about them is exactly what we SHOULDN’T be doing.

There is no Boogeyman, sorry to burst your “paranoid” bubble.

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