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Sorry, SOLD OUT!

Well, well, well....I'd like to say I was surprised but I'm not. In record time Hasbro's Pre-Orders for the 2016 Fan Poll nominated Jaina Solo figure is sold out. This not only proves the power of the EU fans but should also be sending strong signals to everyone involved with merchandising Star Wars that Expanded Universe content is a market that's ripe for the picking.

Hasbro should be looking into allegations from the 2017 poll which showed a bias against Expanded Universe fans by eliminating their votes from the final tallies. Del Rey should be making another call to Lucasfilm with a request to print a new story under the "Legends" banner and any other partners of Lucasfilm who hold the rights to produce various Star Wars properties should be chomping at the bit to come out with more merchandise to sell to the EU fans around the world.

Most importantly of all, the struggling Disney corporation which has been hurting lately from various issues from lagging TV viewership to disappointing box office numbers in Asia with the Star Wars franchise, should be giving Ms Kennedy a call and asking her what her plans are to create more EU content for the fans.

In all seriousness though, someone really needs to ask the question, "Why is this figure sold out while every other figure is available in mass quantities across the continent?"

Hopefully they'll see the answer is right in front of their face.

Long live the EU Movement.....and if someone ordered an extra Jaina Solo, let me know.

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