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Smuggler’s Route: Your Path to Expanded Universe Merchandise from the Unknown Regions of Space (Part

Today, I decided to focus on the Solos. Thanks to the Hasbro Fan Vote 2016, we will soon have a Jaina Solo Black series figure available for purchase. After the difficulty of finding a Revan last year, if you didn’t get the chance to preorder your Jaina Solo Black Series figure, we will be playing “Where’s Jaina?” on our Facebook Page. Yet, I asked myself what other Solo Merchandise could be out there for one of our Favorite Expanded Universe Families? Here is what I have found: Leia Organa Solo Tea (

Nothing hits the spot like a nice cup of tea during these winter months and if you recall a few weeks back we shared the Expanded Universe Tea Collection by Emilie Nouveau on; the Jaina Solo Tea is one of my favorites. Well, Emilie has returned with a NEW flavor, Leia Organa Solo. This tea blend has White Peony, Watermelon, and White Cucumber and sounds wonderful; I can’t wait to order mine. Available in Sample tins, 3 oz Pouch, or 5 oz decorative tin. What other characters can we honor with their own tea blend reflective of their personality? Perhaps a Green and Lavender Tea for Prince Xizor? A Ben Skywalker Blueberry Peach Tea? Leave your ideas in the comments and perhaps our friend Emilie will be inspired again. I'm also happy to pass on that you can get the entire Expanded Universe Tea Sample Tin collection, all 10 flavors, at a 20% discount for a limited time; perfect for this gift-giving season for the Star Wars Expanded Universe Fan in your life. See offer Details here.

If you do not want to commit to the entire collection, select the flavors you want and enjoy $5 off your first order by signing up here : As if that wasn't incentive enough, is offering Free shipping on orders over $25, but only until Dec 25th. To make sure you qualify and for more information on Free Shipping offer and International Shipping , please consult's Shipping FAQs here.

If you grew up reading the Young Jedi Knights series as I did, you will recognize these two straight away. Wear this shirt with the Pride of a True Solo, as you honor Jaina and Jacen Solo. Its balanced iconography is beautifully designed by DiHA. This site offers you a number of color options you can select from.

Jaina Solo Shirt / L'Epée (The Sword in French) by DiHA Same site, same Artist; A Nouveau style Jaina Solo. Jaina is spelled out in Aurebesh, and the name of this design is L'Epée, The Sword in French, with other color options available.

Darth Cadeus Shirt / L'Abattage/ The slaughter by DiHA Twins are a pair after all, where would the Sword be without her Sith. Here in the same Nouveau style. Darth Cadeus is in Aurebesh, and L'Abattage is French for “The Slaughter”

Both of these shirts are listed as *Limited Edition*, so please get them while you can, and encourage DIHA to make them a permanent offering of their collection.

To wrap up my "Solo Focus" today, as highlighted in a Previous Smuggler's Route, allow me to remind you that the Star Wars: The Han Solo Trilogy (Barnes & Noble Collectible Editions Exclusive) by A. C. Crispin has been released by Barnes and Noble, ask for it by name. I have received reports these books have limited availability; My own store only received 7 copies and I live in a major metropolitan area! Let’s show them how #WeBuyLegends. Consider this handsome tome for "the Scoundrel" in your life this holiday season. When this edition was first announced, I stated “this is as close as we are going to get to a NEW Expanded Universe / Legends publication for now”. This book collects The Paradise Snare, The Hutt Gambit, and Rebel Dawn by A.C. Crispin in one leather-bound volume. Here are some more images of this item, inside and out.

Have you found any Expanded Universe Merchandise? Do you make any Expanded Universe Merchandise? Tell us about it in the comments, and we may share it here on Smuggler's Route.

NOTE: I will recommend that if you do buy anything on this Holiday Season, to be sure to support the Twin Suns Foundation through Amazon Smile. May The Force Be With You Your Friendly Neighborhood Mara Fan Debbie

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