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Where's Jaina Solo? - A Scavenger Hunt Game for Expanded Universe Fans

For the next few weeks, we are going to play *Wheres Jaina Solo?* As you know, we expect the Jaina Solo Black Series figure's release any day; some ground reports we have already received say Jaina's figure is already in some stores.​

*How do you play Where's Jaina Solo? *: 1) During your regular travels to various stores this holiday season, LOOK for the Jaina Solo Black Series Figure. 2) Take a PHOTO of the Jaina Solo Black Series Figure. 3) POST your Photos of the Jaina Solo Black Series Figure in the comments under the *Where's Jaina Solo?* Post on our Facebook page; with item location and the hashtags #WheresJainaSolo,#JainaSolo, #HeresJainaSolo #WeCollectLegends. * Why are we doing this? * Well, it's a lot of fun, like a scavenger hunt or "Where's Waldo?" Plus, after the trouble many fans had last year to find the #FanVoted #DarthRevan Black Series Figure, we wanted to help our Expanded Universe community find this year's #FanChoiceFigure because we know that #WeCollectLegends. Now find those figures.

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