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Smuggler’s Route: Your Path to Expanded Universe Merchandise from the Unknown Regions of Space (Part

Legends Never Die - merchandise I’m so pleased and honored to announce the first brave artist to step up to my challenge is my good friend Dave Chadwick, aka Sugar Ray Dodge; known for his parody cartoons and books, Dave also grew up with the original Star Wars Expanded Universe. Dave, knowing that I am "Your Friendly Neighborhood Mara Fan", has decided to honor one of our favorite couples in the Star Wars Expanded Universe. We are so lucky that our movement is full of such artistic and creative people, and my friend Dave has answered the call and asked for my input on this design. Positive and proactive, what can be done, remember? Here we have, available on, a design featuring our EU Grand Master, Luke Skywalker, and his lovely bride, Mara Jade Skywalker, the former Emperor’s Hand. Dave’s stylized version of our favorite Jedi are spot on, Luke with his green saber, and Mara Jade with her Skywalker Heirloom saber that has a legacy of its own. The phrase Legends Never Die across the bottom.

Dave designed this Mara Jade Skywalker Maquette after Shannon McRandle herself and a Return Of The Jedi Luke Skywalker/Mark Hamill. I would like to publicly say thank you, Dave, my friend, for making this wonderful shirt possible for all of us Expanded Universe Fans. This design is available on shirts, hoodies, mugs, pillows from the Teepublic catalog, I may even get the sticker for my car.

This is a BRAND NEW DESIGN, and as is Teepublic policy NEW designs have a discounted price. You heard it here first, and you can see all the items this design is available on here: You can view and purchase Sugar Ray Dodge’s published works here:

Also from, from an contributor I do not know, Stefaan offers a distressed version of the Jedi Order Logo. You can choose a variety of colors and products for this to be featured on. I proudly wear my Royal Blue Zip Up Jedi Hoodie with my Artoo purse and a Mara Jade Tee. Order Here: I Love You - Final Fantasy Mashup -

From SixEyedMonster on, we have this parody / mash up of the iconic Final Fantasy 8 artwork featuring Han and Leia in their final embrace on Endor. You love this? I know.

You can order yours Here:

That's all for now. let us know in the Comments if you find Expanded Universe merchandise and we can feature here on Smuggler's Route.

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