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#JainaSolo Black Series Figure - The #WheresJainaSolo Photo Campaign Gallery - #HeresJainaSolo

Now that the Fan Voted Jaina Solo Black Series figure has been officially released (Dec 31, 2017), you, the Expanded Universe fans, have been playing along with our #WheresJainaSolo Photo Campaign, searching for #JainaSolo and submitting some wonderful photos to our Facebook Page.

Enjoy this gallery of the pictures submitted by you, the Fans, to Facebook so far!

It's Not Too Late! Keep hunting for #JainaSolo; yes, she may be back in stock online, but some reports say she is finally shipping to the brick-and-mortar stores. You, the Expanded Universe Fans, have been doing some wonderful Recon and giving us valuable Intel on #WheresJainaSolo. Snap a picture in the store before your purchase, take inspiration from the above photos and share with us some action shots of the #SwordoftheJedi. We would love to add even more photos to this gallery. Keep up the wonderful work and check our Facebook Page often for up to date reports of from other fans about #WheresJainaSolo. - Your Friendly Neighborhood Mara Fan Debbie #WeCollectLegends Updated 03/30/2018

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