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Shadows of the Empire video game available on Steam and

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... ...there was a game that everyone loved, part of a multimedia tie-in project so ambitious that it would set the precedent for future media tie-ins like The Force Unleashed. It was of course Shadows of the Empire. Tied-in with novels, comics, role playing games, toys (like awesome Swoop bike) and even a soundtrack, the video game made Dash Rendar a house hold name among Star Wars fans and a hero to many. But if you sold your game console or don't know where the game cartridge is, you can relive the adventure on Steam and, for this classic game can again be played again on these platforms.


  • Steam:

  • :

Nostalgia can be yours for only $5.99; or, if you missed it first time around, create some new memories and play through for the first time!


Classic Shadows of the Empire game commercial:

Vintage Shadows of the Empire toy commercial:

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