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Spread the word: Announcing the next Twin Suns Fundraiser

The Twin Suns Foundation is back with another book drive Fundraiser! Just like during last year’s Hyper Reads Day Drive, Twin Suns will be teaming up with the 501st to escort a bunch of Legends books to the patients of a Children’s Hospital. This time the Hospital will be Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Twin Suns will be raising funds for this event from February 2nd to April 15th. Proceeds from the fundraiser will be used to purchase Legends books that will be delivered to the Hospital by TSF and 501st members on the 25th of May. Twin Suns has determined that $1200 will need to be raised in order to ensure that there are enough books for the kids, with additional funds going towards the purchase of more books for the hospital. However for every $1100 raised on top of the stated goal, Twin Suns will visit and donate books to an additional hospital! These additional events will happen sometime between June and August. So, if you would like to help Twin Suns in their latest Fundraiser you can share this Fundraiser around or donate here.

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