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  • Christopher Nelson

The Adventures of Lanoree Brock, Je'daii Ranger

One of the last major projects of the Expanded Universe prior to 2014 was the 2013 multimedia project Dawn of the Jedi. It consisted of several volumes of comics, an adult novel, and several short stories. The book's main character was Lanoree Brock, Je'daii Ranger, and it is, to date, chronologically the earliest Star Wars novel story.

One of the fun ways in which Lucasfilm/Del Rey helped expanded the tale was through an exclusive entry on from April 2013 that took the form an entry from Brock's own log. The kindlepost entry is now only available through cached versions on the internet archive, so it's posted here for posterity (but will be removed if ever made officially available again).

Ironholgs, enter this in my journal, there's a good droid. Okay. Where to begin...

So, the Je'daii Council asked me back to Tython, which meant only one thing –– they had a mission for me. I'm a Ranger, it's to be expected, although the last time they did this I ended up flying out to Ska Gora and getting involved in the Wookie land wars. I thought that was going to be a breeze. It ended ... messily.

But this is different. So very different. The way I see it, there are two reasons they called me back. The first is that the mission is so serious, so delicate, and potentially so deadly that they couldn't risk any form of communication to fill me in. They couldn't transmit the information, even on the Je'daii's own secured channels. They couldn't send anyone – –a droid, a Ranger –– with encrypted files. This had to be face to face.

And when I met them in the valley, even that meeting was done in extreme secrecy. Strange to see the Council like that. Almost as if they were scared.

The second reason they chose me is just how personal this mission is to me.

At first, I thought the latter might compromise the former. But I've had time to let it sink in. I've had time to dwell on the past –– those early years on Tython with my dear brother Dal, and the later years without him –– and I can see why the Je'daii Council are so wise.

The danger of the mission and its personal aspect are so intertwined that they couldn't choose anyone else. It's me. It always had to be me.

They say a Je'daii's training is what makes them the person they are, and in some respects that's true. My journey across Tython shaped me. I found my true calling at Anil Kesh, the Je'daii Temple of Science. There I learned to temper my doubts and channel my talents. There I first discovered the alchemy of flesh.

But it was I who made that long, ultimately tragic journey that really formed the person I am now.

So now I'm embarking on my new mission. First stop will be Kalimahr. I've been told to meet a Twi'lek called Tre Sana there. I'm told he will help me. And already I'm unsettled. I'm used to dealing with non-Tythans, but for something as sensitive as this? Why is there something a Twi'lek can tell me that the Council cannot?

Not the best way to start a mission, eh, Ironholgs? In mystery. In darkness.

Nevertheless, I returned to Tython with peace of mind, and now I'm leaving again with a great weight bearing down on me. A personal pressure the likes of which I never thought I'd have to face. And such a danger for the whole Tythan system.

I feel that I'm about to test every moment of training I've ever undertaken.

But that's fine, Ironholgs. I'll have you with me, grumpy droid that you are. I have my Peacemaker ship, refined and customized to my liking. Faster engine. Bigger guns.

And I have the Force. Whatever happens, whatever I'm about to face –– and whoever I might meet––the Force is always there.

Set course for Kalimahr. And may the Force go with me.

Je'daii Ranger Lanoree Brock, signing off.

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