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A Skywalker Valentine: the Zahn story never published in print

While preparing for Valentine's Day, I was reminded of two Valentine's Day Star Wars stories that Del Rey published on the its website prior to the Expanded Universe decanonization in 2014. The first, called Corphelion Interlude, was written by Troy Denning and told the story of Han Solo and Princess Leia’s honeymoon to see the Corphelion Comets. First published online, it was later released (and still available today) as part of the paperback and digital edition of Tatooine Ghost. The second short story, Judge’s Call, by Timothy Zahn, and featuring Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker, was first published on the Del Rey website as a Valentine's Day special short story but was never published in print. Reposting Zahn’s Judge’s Call is my traditional Valentine to the memebers of the Luke and Mara Shippers group on Facebook, so as a Valentine to our readers, we are sharing it here too. When it was first released, Artist Chris Trevas created an original painting of Luke and Mara Jade Skywalker on their Second Honeymoon to accompany the story, seen below. You can read Timothy Zahn's Judge's Call here (and maybe save it for your records!) To see more from Debbie, click here! To find Debbie on Facebook, click here.

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