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Character spotlight: Ania Solo

Ania Solo was a member of the House of Solo. She was a relative to the heroes Han Solo and Jedi Knight Leia Organa Solo. She was also a cousin of Cade Skywalker. Near the end of the Second Imperial Civil War, which was a result of the Imperial Victory at Caamas, she escaped an Imperial Prison Camp she was in for murder and ran into the assassin droid known as AG-37.

She and the droid became good friends. The droid had made a promise to Han Solo decades earlier and he realized Solo was a relative of Han. Seeing that she had no money he took pity on her and gave her transportation. Solo desired to leave her troubles and past and fled to the Outer Rim Territories.

Solo eventually found work as a junk dealer in the Carreras system. While she was working she found the lightsaber that belonged to Yalta Val in an Imperial droid in her junkyard. Solo saw an opportunity to make some credits, so she attempted to sell the lightsaber. She soon became the target of Sith that was pretending to be Yalta Val. After running through the sewers, she was assisted by her friend Saulk, AG-37 and someone named Jao Assam and she was able to escape. However, this led to her being a part of Darth Wredd’s Insurgency. Eventually, Empress Fel became interested in her.

Solo joined forces with Jao Assam to hunt Wredd. They were led to the planet Dac. Solo and Assam discovered that a Sith named Darth Luft had been constructing a pirate fleet in secret. Luft was killed and the slaves who were working for the Twilek Sith Lord. However, Wredd was not on Dac and they had been manipulated into defeating Luft.

Solo was then soon framed for murder and was kidnapped by Ramid, the former love interest of Solo who wanted to collect the bounty that was on her head. The true murder of the Imperial Knight, a bounty hunter. Ramid was killed. Jao saved Solo and they were captured by stormtroopers. Solo was cleared of crimes based on evidence provided by Val and Jao.

Assam however, was arrested for deserting the Imperial Knights and was sentenced for execution. However, he was saved by Darth Wredd. Solo, with the permission of the Empress Fel, Solo and her allies went to retrieve him. The team tracked him to the world of Mala. Assam was rescued and soon after, Empress Fel arrived, as well as the Sith Cult, the One Sith.

The fight that would eventually became known as the Battle of the Floating World. It turned out Darth Wredd orchestrated the whole battle and almost successfully killed Fel. Assam chased Wredd and they engaged in a fierce lightsaber duel. Assam won but refused to kill the Sith Lord. Wredd was killed by Solo who fired a blaster bolt into his chest.

After the battle Solo decided to continue traveling the galaxy with her companions. While visiting a cantina, Solo’s ally Sauk bought a stabilizing coil from Jariah Syn and Cade Skywalker and Deliah Blue. Solo and her allies were soon attacked thereafter.

Ania Solo was the protagonist in Star Wars Legacy Volume 2 by Dark Horse. This was a sequel to the original Legacy series. Solo was a very unique character and was decided to be the protagonist from the very beginning. In the beginning, she was identified as Han and Leia’s great- granddaughter. But Dark Horse later named her as their great-great granddaughter.

The facts on how Ania is related to the Solo’s was never revealed due to the reboot in 2014. Since then there has been a lot of speculation as to how and who she is related to. It was later revealed that she was a distant cousin of Empress Fel and Cade Skywalker. However the specifics were never given.

To me, I see this mystery as one that I kind of like. I personally like having some mystery in the Star Wars universe. Now, like I’m sure most people, I do actually want the specifics and I hope when Legends is eventually continued that we will be able to see the specifics of the Legacy characters relation. My personal hope is that we will see the events of Crucible by Troy Denning lead into the Legacy comic books. Going forward, I also hope to see more adventures of Ania Solo, as she is a fan favorite and a character with just a lot of great qualities and traits to her.


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