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Collector's Alert: Darth Revan Returns - Revan Black Series Figure Preorder available

If you were unable to find the Fan Choice Darth Revan Black Series figure during his first run in 2016, get your keyboards ready. The popularity of this Expanded Universe character and the symbolism for the #WeBuyLegends Movement have made him impossible to find in stores. The last resort of eBay has huge mark ups on the Revan figure. However, we have received Intel that Darth Revan is coming back for purchase; Entertainment Earth is expecting a new shipment in September, and you can secure your figure through PreOrders.

PreOrder Here: Don't for get to look for the Jaina Solo Black Series figure as well and let us know #WheresJainaSolo; see the "rules" here. You can also Submit your Jaina Solo Fig Pictures to us on Facebook and see our Gallery of #HeresJainaSolo Figure pics submitted by fans like you here.

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