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  • Christopher Nelson

Video: Matthew Stover on the Revenge of the Sith novel (don't call it a novelization!)

All of the prequel novelizations are worth reading. They add more context, additional scenes, and further expand the Star Wars saga. Matthew Stover's take on Revenge of the Sith is perhaps the best of the three.

In the short video clip below, Stover discusses his writing process (which involved direct input from Lucas himself), his fascinating insights into the dark side fall of Anakin, and how his work isn't a novelization as much as it's a companion piece to the film. It's not simply a novelization of the script, but instead a standalone novel.

Worth checking out - both the video and the novel.

The audio book is superb as well.

Excerpt: ExpandedBooks, Matthew Stover - Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith

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