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Clone Army Customs Flash Sale! - 3 hours only (Smuggler's Route) *Offer Expired*

*Offer Expired*

You may recall my friend Tyler of Clone Army Customs and his Custom Lego creations from my Smuggler's Route article. Tonight for 3 hours only, Clone Army Customs is having a FLASH SALE on everything on the site!

"Our biggest sale ever! Sale will last 3 hours. Discount will only be applied to items added to your cart during the sale . . . Sales will not be applied to orders placed before or after the sale is over #clonearmycustoms #cacustoms #cac #lego #legostarwars #starwars #customs #customclones #customminifigures #padprinted " - From Clone Army Customs on Facebook. The All of the Clones, All their Mandos, everything on Sale. Visit their site here. To see more from Debbie, click here! To find on Debbie Facebook, click here!

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