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5 years without LucasArts

LucasArts shut down five years ago on this date, a year before the announcement that the Expanded Universe would be decanonized and rebranded Legends. This was one of several (bad) omens that Disney was in the process of changing things. LucasArts created countless games helping to expand the Star Wars saga. It was on the verge of producing 1313, a much discussed and desired video game that was not just the talk of the industry but part of a larger planned multimedia project. Perhaps someday we'll see it - or its related media tie-ins - as part of a continued Legends storyline. But questions have remained for years about why LucasArts shut down and why projects like 1313 were axed.

Last year, journalist Jason Schreier published a book that investigated what happened: Blood, Sweat, and PixelsThe Triumphant, Turbulent Stories Behind How Video Games Are Made. It's a great read for anyone following the last decade or so of video game development. For EU fans, it's a good look inside LucasArts, Lucas himself, and 1313.

My review of the book and its relevant Star Wars content is below.

It is highly recommended.

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