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  • Christopher Nelson

Name the next Sith: how Jacen became Caedus

Do you remember the time Lucasfilm let fans decide Jacen Solo's Sith name? Did you vote? What did you think of the ultimate winner?

The initial voting round began in late 2006. The final voting for the top 5 choices ended in February 2007. The top 5 were narrowed down by EU authors Aaron Allston, Troy Denning, and Karen Traviss. Here they are:

  • Darth Acheron

  • Darth Caedus

  • Darth Judicar

  • Darth Paxis

  • Darth Taral

It took me a while to adjust to Caedus. Like a lot of EU names, I wasn't sure how it was even pronounced at first! And I wasn't sure what deeper meaning the word Caedus had. Turns out its derived from a Latin word for killing.

To help fans like myself, Leland Chee posted a list of existing Sith names along with the deeper meaning behind them. Like most of what was once available on, this content is only available through cached links on the Internet Archive. If the link above doesn't work, copy and paste this URL into your browser:

If the vote were today, knowing what we know about what happened to Jacen, what name would you nominate instead of Caedus? Tell us in the comments!

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