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Target goofs, giving us the most obscure EU character shirt ever

Target is currently selling several fun Star Wars shirts with some Expanded Universe flavor. As previously noted, one of their shirts shows a Dark Empire-era Luke Skywalker. But there's a much deeper cut of EU being represented on Target t-shirts these days... but it's hiding in plain sight.

So what's the secret? What makes this so special? Well, it's NOT Boba Fett. It's actually Tobbi Dala.

Tobbi Dala was a Mandalorian who first appeared in the early 80's Star Wars Marvel comic run. You can find him in issues 68 and 69.

He's mentioned a few places elsewhere in the Expanded Universe and even appeared as a figure in 2008 as part of a Hasbro comic pack.

Here's the comic image in full context:

It might be a mistake, but we'll take it. Who would have ever thought we'd have (even by accident!) a Target shirt with characters from the early Marvel comic days!? Hat tip to Evan Gamble for the tip.


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