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Are the Old Republic expansions part of the new canon?

It's a frequent question: are the Old Republic expansions part of the new canon? Lucasfilm has been very clear: no. Yes, the Old Republic is mentioned by Obi Wan in the Episode IV and occasional characters from the Old Republic era are mentioned in other new canon material. But the Legends era content centered on games like the Old Republic is part of the Legends/Expanded Universe timeline. Even its post-2014 expansions. A while back, StarWars.com even addressed this head on:

Occasionally, it's misconstrued that somehow BioWare's work on the Old Republic is somehow its own distinct storyline. It's not. It's part of the Legends/Expanded Universe storyline - one of the few elements of the Expanded Universe that's still going.

So while we're waiting for a broader array Legends content to be developed, do not miss out on the opportunity to consume the occasional new Legends content BioWare is providing us in the meantime!

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