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  • Brian Borg

Yuuzhan Vong at War gets release time frame!

Greetings fellow Expanded Universe fans!

Today I wanted to take a quick detour from my typical pieces covering Twin Suns Foundation (which recently made its goal on the Holiday Reads Drive 2018!) to bring you some news on a mod for a Star Wars game which I have been keeping an eye on for years. Yes, years! The New Jedi Order is among my favorite periods within the timeline so this immediately peaked my interest!

I am all smiles because it was announced today that The Yuuzhan Vong at War mod for the computer game "Empire at War" is set to see its initial release in the fourth quarter of 2018! This mod has been under development by "The Shapers", the team of modders behind this massive undertaking, for quite some time now.

Why? Well you only need to see some of what they have released images and videos up to understand! You can check it out here:

This mod is set to follow the lore of the NJO quite closely as the team behind it has demonstrated deep knowledge of the era. Many fans have been anxiously awaiting it! To see the full news update released today you can check out this link:

Are you looking forward to the Yuuzhan Vong at War mod? What parts of the New Jedi Order are you anxious to see brought to life in the game? Let us know in the comments below!


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