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Mara who? The many loves of Luke Skywalker

We all know Mara Jade was Luke's wife. But was she his only love? Take a look at the list below and brush up on all of Luke's lost loves, from Wookiepedia.


Luke encountered this Zeltron on Stenos. She found Luke very attractive, and even infiltrated the Millennium Falcon and followed him on a few adventures. Luke apparently had mutual feelings—when he later encountered a Zeltron that looked like Dani, he blushed.

Shira Brie

During his time in the military, Luke was attracted to Shira Brie, another Rebel Alliance pilot. However, the Force led him to shoot her down in the middle of heated combat. This caused Luke to doubt the Force for some time, until it was revealed that Shira was actually an Imperial spy. She would later try to kill him.

Tanith Shire

Tanith Shire was a crash-landing survivor on Ophideraan, enslaved by the Serpent Masters. She was immediately smitten by the Rebel hero and hoped he would stay on Ophideraan, but she knew he was committed to the Rebel Alliance and decided not to pursue a relationship, though they shared a goodbye kiss before returning to Yavin 4. Years later Luke would say he was never in love with Tanith Shire.


The Mind-witch S'ybll tried to seduce Luke Skywalker when he explored her remote planet, using her magic on him. She almost managed to persuade him to remain with her on the planet, and the two shared a kiss. He terminated the relationship when he realized that she planned to kill him and drain his life force in order to sustain her mystical powers.

Alexandra Winger

Alexandra Winger worked with Luke Skywalker and the Katarn Commandos on a mission to the Imperial world of Sarahwiee. A Force-sensitive, "Alex" and Luke sensed that they would meet each other again someday. In part due to her Force-related dreams and visions, Alex was known to have developed an attraction for Luke to some extent, though to what extent and to whether that feeling was reciprocated is unknown, other than a kiss they shared on Sarahwiee.

Gaeriel Captison

While fighting the Ssi-ruuk at Bakura, Luke and Gaeriel Captison had a mutual attraction to each other, but they parted ways after the invasion was stopped and Captison informed Luke that she was already in love with Bakura. They would encounter each other again years later, but Gaeriel was a widow by then. After her untimely demise on the Intruder, Luke arranged to have her orphaned daughter Malinza taken care of.


Mary was an inhabitant of Solay who helped Luke to overthrow the Empire on her home planet. Luke fell in love with the young woman after she reminded him of Leia Organa's fighting spirit. Luke entertained thoughts of leaving the war behind to stay with Mary on Solay rebuilding the government. Unfortunately, the Empire arrived on Solay to retake control, and Mary was killed in the initial firefight. Luke lifted Mary's dying body from a mob of people fleeing the Empire's attack where she died in his arms. Luke was thrown into a vengeful fury, almost falling to the dark side before realizing that Mary's memory was not being honored by his search for revenge.

Jem Ysanna

Jem aided Luke Skywalker and Kam Solusar search for lost Jedi knowledge on Ossus. Jem and Luke became romantically involved during her training and the relationship grew more intense before her ultimate demise. While trying to save Luke from the Dark Jedi Tedryn-Sha and Krdys Mordi, Jem was shot with a blaster after killing Mordi with her lightsaber.

Callista Ming

Luke also had a romance with Callista Ming, a Jedi Knight whose spirit had been trapped in the Eye of Palpatine's computers. After Cray Mingla sacrificed herself and left Callista her body to inhabit, Luke grew close to Callista, but despite their closeness, she could not touch the Force and left Luke to find her own way back to the Force. This encounter embittered Luke somewhat, as he was quite in love with Callista. Ming was later killed by a dark side entity named Abeloth who absorbed her life energy when her journey led her into the Maw. In 44 ABY, Luke encountered Abeloth, who used Ming's appearance and Force-essence to make him believe that she was indeed his lost love. Fooled for only a minute, the realization of what had happened to Callista - and that he could not save her - caused Luke a great deal of pain as that, even after three decades, the love he had felt for her was still there. However, Luke was eventually able to sever Callista from Abeloth, allowing her to return to the light side.

Akanah Norand Goss Pell

Akanah entered Luke's life as he was meditating on his role in the Force. She told him that she knew of Luke's mother and took him around the galaxy looking for her. They were initially just on friendly terms, until Akanah found out that her father was severely brain-damaged. At that point, Akanah and Luke grew close as Luke empathized and comforted her over her loss. However, this romance was also doomed to fail as Akanah had been deceiving him all along—she knew nothing of his mother. The relationship ended after that.


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