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  • Christopher Nelson

Death Troopers: Recovered Messages from Purge

From time to time, Lucasfilm used to coordinate with fan sites in some fun ways that further expanded the universe. In 2009, as part of promotion for the novel Death Troopers, various Star Wars fan sites (and itself) published messages purported to be recovered from the Imperial Prison Barge Purge, after its discovery in the Unknown Regions.

Just when you think your EU collection is complete, you realize that you're missing something like in-continuity canonical EU content from fan sites!

Over the years, many of these messages have disappeared. But we've tracked them down and present them here in PDF form for posterity. (Note: on some mobile devices, the links don't work; please view and download from a desktop)

Letter from Zahara Cody, Chief Medical Officer, to Her Father, Teef Lan Cody

From Nox Xakarta to Illegible Recipient

Letter from Armo Drane to His Wife Tso Sook Drane

Important Message from the Imperial Corrections Service

From Kale Longo to Gilles Longo

From Trig Longo to Gilles Longo

From Dr. Cody to Her Father

Letter from Dugtroy Osck, AKA, Dugtroy the Header, AKA Dugtroy the Cruel, to Bottiff Einer, Known Associate

From Imperial Corrections Officer Ornar Zook, to his Wife Kai Zook, Hanna City, Chandrilla


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