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  • Christopher Nelson

Marketing the EU: Krayt dragon keychain

This is the first in an on-going series highlighting promotional giveaways used to market the Expanded Universe

One of the things I miss the most about the Expanded Universe is the awesome promo material Del Rey created to market the books. I've got boxes and boxes of Del Rey (and Bantam, and Bioware, and Dark Horse, and Marvel, and Cartoon Network, etc.,) promo items ranging from a Darth Revan mask to bookmarks for Scoundrels. Perhaps the coolest item ever was the Krayt dragon keychain, given away to promote the novel Kenobi. The best part? It screamed like the Krayt dragon!

From time to time they pop up on Ebay or other secondary markets. They're well worth the hunt!

To learn more, check out Matt Wilkins' video about Kenobi where he talks about the keychain. And fun fact: for fans who think Del Rey isn't listening to EU fans, it'll delight readers to know that a few months after this video, someone from Del Rey made sure to track down the Twin Suns Foundation booth at Celebration in order to pass a Krayt keychain along to Matt.


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