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Fake news before it was cool: the strange tale of SuperShadow

Remember SuperShadow? Fans old enough to have been around prior to the prequels (and in the early days of the internet) likely encountered SuperShadow, a Star Wars-themed site that purported to have direct inside access to Lucas and future Star Wars plans. It had (what we came to later learn) were fake Q&A's with Lucas and plot breakdowns for future sequel trilogies, which, again, were later determined to be fake. (I remember one scene, however, that I desperately wished was true, in which, somewhere around a hypothetical Episode 9, every Jedi ever would supposedly appear on screen as force ghosts)

For those who were there, it's a fun walk down memory lane. For fans who missed out, the piece is a fun glimpse into what Star Wars life was like pre-prequels.


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