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  • Brian Borg

Twin Suns Foundation Update

Greetings everyone!

Today I wanted to give you all an update on Twin Suns Foundation.

For those who were unaware, Twin Suns Foundation was invited by Lucasfilm to attend Star Wars Celebration Chicago this year in Chicago! Once we learned we were on the guest list, we immediately began work to fund our fan table so that we would have all we needed to promote not only our charity efforts but the messages of the many Star Wars Expanded Universe Movement fans out there! After all, this is one of the biggest possible venues we could spread your messages to and we are looking forward to the opportunity to do so! As of this writing, Twin Suns Foundation has successfully funded its Celebration Fan Table for Celebration Chicago 2019! Back in January 2019, we announced that if we hit our goal of $1,200.00 before the end of the month, we would extend our campaign through the month of February. As a result, we have now raised $1,435.00 as part of this ongoing fundraiser!

What all is that initial $1,200.00 going to do for the Twin Suns Foundation Celebration table? The short answer is convention swag! With the funds raised, we will be providing visitors to our both with bookmarks bearing our “planet logo” and basic information on who we are and what we do. Additional swag is available for those who donate new/lightly used Star Wars books at the booth. These include lanyards that have the Twin Suns Foundation logo as well as buttons with the Twin Suns Foundation logo as well.

But that is not all the funds are allowing us to do! We are also going to be getting internet access at the booth with the aim of live streaming to our YouTube channel the entire convention from our booth! During the live stream followers will be able to interact with the team at the booth and periodically those who are helping long distance as well! It looks to be a lot of fun like it was in 2017. This will allow everyone to enjoy Celebration whether you can make it or not this year!

Twin Suns Foundation will be found in booth number 1339 on floor three of the McCormick Place West building near where our friends in the 501st Legion are staging from! So why would we extend the fundraiser if we successfully hit our goal? Well that is simple, we announced that half of all funds raised above our initial goal during this fundraiser would be put into a billboard fund. Yes, you did read that correctly. Twin Suns Foundation is officially raising funds for our next billboard message! This is the first opportunity of several we have planned to put your hard-earned cash towards an effort to reach out to Lucasfilm in a similar matter to what we did back in 2016. At this time, we are not expecting to have a billboard message put together until 2020 at the earliest, but by beginning to fundraise now, our end goal when we start really pushing hard for it will be much more easily attained! What we do know about the anticipated billboard, beyond it being another message to Lucasfilm, is that it will likely again be situated in San Francisco near Lucasfilm Headquarters and that it will either be asking for the continuation of Legends once again, or may be a thank you message if Lucasfilm has announced a continuation by that time! The other half of the funds raised during this extended period will be going to help cover the foundation’s operating costs and contingency funds!

And there you have it! Twin Suns Foundation has a lot of good things happening right now and we are thrilled to see things going as well as they have been for the Expanded Universe Movement!

Remember to get those Marvel #108 comics preordered! Expanded Universe may ask for more Legends, but that message falls flat if we do not follow through on our end! Let’s keep up the momentum heading into Celebration where I hope to see you all in person!

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