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Obituary: Vonda McIntyre, 70, author of Crystal Star

We're sad to report that EU author Vonda McIntyre has passed away. McIntyre was the author of numerous sci-fi including Star Wars and Star Trek novels.

Though her only EU work, Crystal Star (a New York Times Bestseller), is considered by some to be one of the weaker EU novels, it's actually on the top of some fan's lists and, in one case we're familiar with, was the reason a fan was inspired to read more EU!

Either way, it's the case that it's now one of the least read. Not only because it's from the early days of the EU era, but also because it's become conventional wisdom that it's not a great book - even among those who have not actually read it to decide for themselves.

Nothing could honor her and the EU more this month than to pick up a copy and try reading it. You might not like it, but give it a chance.


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