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  • Christopher Nelson

Lost City of Tatooine: EU holy grail for sale on Ebay (ACT NOW!)

One of the holy grails of EU collecting has just appeared on Ebay. It might not seem like much, but it's one of the most difficult EU stories to find in physical form. I've only seen 4 EVER - one on a Star Wars forum in the early 2000's, one in my collection (thankfully!), one in Matt Wilkins' collection, and now this one.

What is it? It's Dig magazine, a children's archeology magazine from 1999. Why is it important? It contains an EU story. If you're looking for more EU and think you've read it all, you've likely passed this over. So now is your chance.

The story is called The Lost City of Tatooine.

Coincidentally, Anthony Fornof recently wrote a piece for the site about it here.

It's a very short story but a good one. An excerpt from the last paragraph:

"Luke wondered what clues his own past held. Why did he always yearn for something more than the farm? What had his father been like? Someday, perhaps, he would learn. Someday the past would help him understand who he was, too."

What are you waiting for? Put in a bid now!


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