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Fundraising campaign for lost EU novel; perks include physical copies

Fundraising for lost EU novel Supernatural Encounters is currently under way! This is a rare chance to bring lost EU content to life in physical form so don't miss out. And the perks are pretty awesome.


For those you’d like to contribute, I’m looking to raise $3,500.00 to pay for illustrations for the Star Wars novel Supernatural Encounters. Fans who wish can support this effort, and with certain amounts you’ll receive perks. Anything above the stated goal will be put towards additional illustrations.

  1. Here are the perks:

  1. $20.00-$49.00: Your name in the “contributor credits” at the end.

  1. $50.00-$99.00: A plus a softcover trade paperback with black & white illustrations.

  1. $100.00-$199.00: A plus a hardcover copy of the book with color and black & white illustrations.

  1. $200.00-$299.00: A and C plus your fan-made character name or a Tuckerism (an anagram) of your name in the story, as per my discretion.

$300.00 and up: A, B, and D.

All physical copies will be produced on a one-time limited edition basis and will not be for sale. Books will be shipped out as soon as they’re available.

Click here to contribute:


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