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  • Anthony Fornof

Thrill of the Hunt: Tales from The Clone Wars Webcomic

Tales from the Clone Wars is a collection of the Clone Wars Season 1 webcomics that were released on weekly. It was originally sold at Star Wars Celebration V in Orlando in a limited quantity of 2010! Shortly after, it was sold at and the co-publisher's website, which is now defunct. It included the full run of season 1 webcomics, concept art, and bonus art from all artist! It also included 2 Heroes/Villains foldout posters by artist Thomas Hodges. Hodges was also a penciler and the cover artist.

August 19th, 2016. It was a typical day in Chandler, AZ. Hot! I got off work and I usually walked home because I lived just around the corner. I got home, grabbed a beer, and saw Matt Wilkins posted a new Matt's Expanded Universe! This was Episode 70: Tales from the Clone Wars. Matt covered the Target Exclusive: Outfoxed and Tales from the Clone Wars digest comic. Having never heard of it, I instantly took to eBay. 3 years ago I found a single copy on eBay going for the wallet breaking price of $695!!!!! Needless to say, I didn't buy it.

I searched high and low for this book. I searched every country eBay was available in. Weird obscure websites. All I could find was the fold-out posters. Since Celebration Chicago was just around the corner I thought I thought I'd give it another try, and what do you know? There were eight books available on eBay! Beautiful unread mint condition copies with the fold out posters! I had to snag one up! At the time of this writing there are only four copies left signed by Tom Hodges for $35.00 and the folder out posters for $155! I wonder why the posters are going for more than the book itself? I imagine these are going to go quick, so if you have been looking for this book I suggest you scoop a copy up. Once they are gone, I have a feeling they will once again drift off into obscurity.

I have yet to make it to a Star Wars Celebration. I just missed Anaheim in 2015 due to being out of town for work. It's coming back to Anaheim in 2020. Maybe i'll take trip. Who's coming with me?



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