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Expanded Universe character pronunciation guide

Want another fun blast from the past courtesy of the internet archive? Here's a pronunciation guide from the StarWars.com blog circa 2008. Guides like this already existed in a few published reference books. But this was a great sampling of names and things that most commonly posed pronunciation challenges for readers. I still remember the shock of learning how Joruus C'baoth was actually pronounced. And, oh boy, how embarrassing to realize I'd be calling Darth Caedus (pronounced kie-duss) Darth kay-duss.

Asajj Ventress - ah-SAAZJ A'Sharad Hett - AA-shaa-raad Borsk Fey'lya - BORSK FAE-lee-yaa Caamasi - kaa-aa-MAH-see Corran Horn - KORR-runn Darth Caedus - KIE-duss (rhymes with "hide us") dianoga - die-aa-NOE-gaa Elegos A'kla - ELL-ehh-goes AA-klaa eopie - ee-OE-pee Executor - igg-ZEKK-yoo-tur Honoghr - HONN-noe-gerr Ilum - ILL-umm Jabiim - jaa-BEEM Jacen Solo - JAE-senn Jorj Car'das - george CAR-dass Joruus C'baoth - joe-ROOS suh-BAE-oth Kir Kanos - KEER KAE-noes krayt dragon - KRATE Nar Shaddaa - NAR shah-DAA Noghri - NOE-gree Captain Pellaeon - PELL-lay-onn Tycho Celchu - TIE-koe SELL-choo Vergere - vur-ZJEER Prince Xizor - SHEE-zor Shi'ido - shee-EE-doe Ssi-ruuk - SEE-rook Trandoshan - TRANN-doe-shann Twi'lek - TWYE-lekk (think "twilight") Yevetha - yeh-VEE-thaa ysalamiri - ee-saal-aa-MEE-ree Ysanne Isard - ee-SAAN IE-sard Yuuzhan Vong - YOO-zaan Zonama Sekot - zoe-NAH-mah SEE-coat

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