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Forget the haters, we won! Marvel Star Wars 108 is here and it's what we wanted

What a time to be alive! More EU after all these years! Finally!

...At least, that's what most of us felt...

Here's a list of the unfortunate things some EU fans said throughout the day to dampen the mood:

"The classic Marvel Star Wars were declared s-canon in 2000 so that means they're not part of the EU" (wrong, on several counts)

"The classic Marvel Star Wars stories weren't as good as Dark Horse's run" (so what; and besides, Dark Horse greenlit a reboot of Star Wars *before* 2014, so they're no hero)

"Disney will probably just ruin the story" (Disney isn't writing the story, and why not actually read it to judge for yourself?)

"Marvel is dumb; why is it called issue 108 if the story isn't continuing from events of issue 107?" (fiction is often non-linear; these fans must be *really* confused about why Episode IV was the first Star Wars film)

Bottom line, folks: Marvel Star Wars 108 is here and it's glorious. I advocate buying it even if it sucks. But it doesn't. And none of the other objections listed above should stop anyone from rushing to the comic shop and picking up a copy.

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