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  • Dylan Kling

Hasbro Fan polls 3 years later

As someone who was heavily involved in both the 2015 and 2016 Hasbro Star Wars Black Series Fan polls voting for Expanded Universe characters. I felt there was something that I should share for those who tuned out after the voting had stopped. We are now a little over 3 years since the 2015 poll and at NYCC we got some news that officially confirmed a theory myself and many others had.

That theory was that every character that made the finals that wasn’t from the Expanded Universe would eventually get a figure in 6”. As evidence by this meme that was made in 2016. And, well, that happened. A General Grievous 6” figure was released. The final non EU finalist that hadn’t been made yet.

Just over 18 months ago and they had already made Lando, Ben Kenobi, the Snowtrooper and had announced Cpt. Rex. 8 months later and Dengar and the Gameorian Guard had been announced, and finally on the 4th of October 2018 General Grievous was announced. Making Starkiller, Mara Jade and Darth Talon the only figures from the 6” Black Series polls to have yet to get a figure. All Expanded Universe characters.

It still remains to be seen whether or not the EU figures will ever be made. As in Hasbro’s defense they did rerelease the Revan 6” figures after just two years. Likely due to the fact that the figure was going for 250% of the MSRP. So it appears that Hasbro has no qualms about making Legends figures, at least when they look profitable. But Revan was also a poll winner meaning it is also highly unlikely any of that would have happened had he lost. As for the original theory, yes it does appear that non EU figures will get made regardless if they win these polls or not. While the EU figures will only come out if we vote for them.


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