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Obscure heroes and villains of the galaxy: Ghitsa Dodger and Fenig Nabon

Welcome to the first in a series of articles dedicated to the more lesser-known heroes and villains of the Star Wars Expanded Universe! In this first article we’ll be looking at the Corellian smuggler Fenig Nabon, her partner Ghitsa Dodger, and their adventures in the Star Wars universe!

Fenig Nabon started her life similarly to that of the all famous Rebel hero, Han Solo. An orphan on the streets of Coronet, Fenig relied on pickpocketing to survive until she was adopted by a smuggler named Jett Nabon, who taught her how to be a smuggler herself. As the years went on she met a woman by the name Ghitsa Dodger, a woman from Coruscant and a former credit negotiator for Durga the Hutt. After the two would start going on smuggling runs together in their YT-1300 Freighter Star Lady.

In 8 ABY, a year before the Thrawn Campaign, Ghitsa would plan to have revenge on her former employer. The job consisted of transporting Twi’lek slaves aboard The Fury from Ryloth to Durga’s headquarters on Nal Hutta with the help of the Mistryl Shadow Guards, Shada D’ukal and Dunc T’racen. The two guards were not pleased to discover their cargo was actually slaves, and when their ship The Fury was attacked by Karazak Salvers, the guards freed the slaves and launched Fenig and Ghitsa away in an escape pod. Little did anyone know that that had been Ghitsa’s plan all along: Make it look like the slaves were stolen, conning Durga.

Four years later, in 12 ABY, the two smugglers would still be working together. The two would make a run to the planet Prishardia, where posing as a Jedi, Ghitsa would pull off one of my personal favorite stunts in the entirety of Star Wars. By placing a Jedi training Remote inside the leftover peel of a fruit, she could make it appear she was using the force and levitating the fruit. Her Jedi posing would get her caught though, and she was taken by clan Desilijic mercenaries to be interrogated aboard the Rook. There the interrogators would ask for information regarding their rival Hutt clan, Besadii to learn more about Durga’s plans with the Orko Consortium. Lucky for Ghitsa though, Fenig would arrive with the help of recently exiled Jedi Kyp Durron to rescue her.

What's great about these two characters are their dynamic, even though their stories are mostly told from Fenig’s point of view, Ghitsa is more of the sassy-brain behind their misadventures. In some ways Fenig is the more pragmatic of the two, making the two contrast really well. You can read about their witty exploits in the short stories: Hutt and Seek & Simple Tricks found in Tales from the New Republic and Tales from the Empire.


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