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A brief history of May the 4th

Today's is "Star Wars" day as all pop culture pays tribute to Lucas' Masterpiece. But did you know the history of how it all started?

The first time the phrase was used was way back in 1979. The London Evening News welcomed Margaret Thatcher into the role of Prime Minister as she took her first day in office on May the 4th.

Since then, the phrase has been around ever since in various methods and supplenmental Star Wars books until finally it became the phrase of the then titled "Luke Skywalker Day" on May 4th 2008.

"Luke Skywalker Day" would morph into "Star Wars Day" by the fans in 2011 when the Toronto Underground Cinema hosted a Star Wars festival on May 4th. The did it again the following year and after that Lucasfilm in 2013 picked up on the craze and began to merchandise, I MEAN "celebrate" it too.

Ever since then it's been the trending topic for May 4th ever since.

So go ahead and texts all your friends the phrase today. I know I've already received 20 since this post.

May the 4th be with us all and LONG LIVE THE EU!!



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