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A tale of 2 Cons (Part I)

Last month it was announced that there would be a 2nd Legend's Con in March of 2025. The news has widely been accepted with excitement as fans wonder what's in store for next years convention and I'll say'll be twice a better than the last.

The main reason? This con has a NEW board headed by Kyle Rawlings, who funded the Legends Con back in 2023. It has solid representation from the EU fandom who know exactly what the fans are looking for in next years convention. This is

This is also a team which knows what it's doing. With Joe Bongiorno serving as the Executive Networking advisor, rest assured the guest line up for this year's con will be out of this world! Joe has an excellent reputation within the business and it comes without saying that he will not disappoint fans once the guest list starts releasing.

Marcel Ryan as Director of Fan Relations is probably one of the best picks they could've made for the role. For years Marcel's YouTube channel has soared in popularity due to his amazing content and audio dramas, which he records himself. Hands down one of the best EU channels out there. Marcel understands what fans want and will make it his top priority to make sure the experience is far and above anything you experienced from the first convention.

I admit to not being familiar with anyone else involved with the convention but looking at who's on the board already, I can only assume the best.

I myself plan to be in attendance this time around and am more excited about it now than I was for the first convention! Plan to see more articles and live streams about it in 2024.

BUT, if you keep up with social media drama, the old board is under the impression that they own the "Legends Con" and will be making plans to schedule the next one soon. Believe me folks, they have no legal claim to the name or rights to the convention.

And even if they did, mark my words folks. They. Will. Fail.

Those reasons I'll save for Part II tomorrow.




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