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A Tale of 2 Cons (Part II)

Welcome back! Today I'm giving my opinion as to why the old board will fail in their illegal attempt to continue their own version of "Legends Con"

  1. They are completely out of touch with their target audience

There were very few complaints as far as the first Legends Con went but the one I heard the most from attendees was that some of the people conducting the panels appeared lost when discussing Star Wars with the authors.

While planning the first Legends Con little effort was made to reach out to the most influent people in the fandom to help promote it. I say this with the most respect possible but not many on the board knew much about the Expanded Universe and what it has meant to fans for years. If they intend on holding another convention, I feel their in for a rude awakening when they discover just how far out of touch they are with the fandom.

2. Their organization skills were a mess

I've been very vocal in the past about this, but I think someone could learn how NOT to plan a convention by watching how this one was put together.

A) Guests not being mentioned until only a few months out from the date.

B) A location without a major airport which led to expensive costs and inconvenient travel mobility.

C) A VIP event which (according to reports) wasn't well organized and was not worth the high dollar cost.

D) Fan events and panels that had zero interest among the fandom.

E) Long stretches of time without any updates. For example, while interviewing them in March they couldn't tell me for sure when they would open up applications for Fan panels and vendors....only 5 months away from the event!

3. They are in this to pad their own resumes

Yes, I may be hitting below the belt on this one but I do believe this is the case. While I didn't get to speak to everyone from the old board, the ones I did talk to showed no heart when it came to the expanded universe. I was even afraid the con would fall apart before it happened, but they pulled it off and my hats off to them. But I wasn't convinced they cared that much about the fans.

Now let me stop there and say the point #3 is purely opinionated but it is a reason I do not think their version of a convention will happen. And if it does (I give the chances at 50/50) then I surely don't think it will be as successful as the last, simply for the reasons I stated above.

On the other hand, I have complete confidence in the new board running things and think everyone will see vast improvements than before.


1 comment

1 Comment

Tyler Campobasso
Tyler Campobasso
Jan 25

The first one really didn't seem like it was run by EU fans. I did some scoping out of their social media when they posted a new board member and wasn't impressed by anyone. I would love to attend one in the future and they really squandered their opportunity to get some cool answers out of some really great authors and EU contributors. We'll see what the future holds.

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