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  • Brennan Renwick

Alien Fact File #1

Hello there! Welcome back to another Alien Factfile, where I, Xenobiologist Brennan Renwick, take a look at the amazing and wonderful lifeforms found across our galaxy. Today, we will be taking a look at 3 sentient lifeforms from around the galaxy, that are truly fascinating.

Ab’Ugartte - The Ab’Ugartte are a lumbering and hostile species from a currently unknown planet. They appear to be hulking humanoids with broad shoulders, large hands with four long fingers, and an overall bulky and muscular physique. With pale yellowish-white skin, the Ab’Ugartte also

possessed a long and jutted chin, large and pointy teeth, and round, dark eyes. Their long fingers end in monstrous, sharp claws. The Ab’Ugartte are known to be an incredibly unfriendly species, that have gained a reputation for self-isolating and being secluded. Several Ab’Ugartte were known for their lack of understanding humor. The diet of Ab’Ugartte include an unidentified crustacean. One notable member of the Ab’Ugartte species, was a male smuggler and slaver

named Jak Sazz, who operated in the Beshqek System, under Imperial control. Jak Sazz was additionally a spice dealer, pilot, and cook. He wore a sizable suit of armor, complete with a helmet, with flaps that covered much of his face.

Meek - The Meeks are a primitive diminuitive species from an unknown planet. The Meeks have orange, slimy skin and stand at a height slightly below a human’s waist. They

possess miniscule 2 fingered hands, 3 yellow eyes, 2 antennae, and short stub like feet, ending in a

round toeless foot. The Meek live in villages, in rudimentary, small dirt dwellings. Several dozen Meeks live in one of these villages. The Meek have revered the Jedi as great heroes, and trust greatly in Jedi, hailing them as honest do-gooders. The Meek’s villages are located in

forests on their unidentified homeworld, they fear wild, predatory Rancors which are known to roam their planet. Meek technology is advanced enough to craft wooden chests and clay cups.

Nothoiin - The Nothoiins are a humanoid species from the Ivax Nebula, on the planet Nothoiin. Nothoiins are known for their gold colored and rough, flaky textured skin, which has earned them the somehwhat derogatory nickname “goldskins”. Nothoiin’s have black eyes, and a pronounced bony-structured face. They are also identifiable, by the lack of any visible hair on their head or face.

Their eyebrows also lack any hair, but instead are high, pronounced ridges. Nothoiins are known as skilled pilots, though their only subspecies, the Cogennan Nothoiin, are renowned for their exceptional deft as pilots. The Nothoiin speak basic, but are also known for their complex sign-

langauge, known as Notho, which was developed during their primitive days as hunters on the plains of their homeworld. The Republic discovered their homeworld, and the Nothoiins quickly became the Republics’ allies, as they engaged in trade. The resulting exports and imports was mutually beneficial. However, now the Nothoiins’ homeworld has forced many of them to leave, due to the rolling plains of the planet, constantly catching fire, after devastation was wrought there during the Clone Wars. Nothoiins’ renowned skills as pilots have made them sought after workers, though many of them have unfortunately left their planet to pursue illegal endeavers.

Their proficient skills, causing many Nothoiins to resort to criminal activities in the Javin Sector, where many off-world Nothoiins now reside.

This ends this edition of Alien Factfile, stay tuned for more informative transmissions, detailing and showcasing the most incredible and unique species around our galaxy. Mee jewz ku!

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