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Alien Fact File #10

Alien Factfile, returns where I, the Sernpidalian xenobiologist, Brennan Renwick, share all of my research on the various sentients that frequent our spaceports.

Gerb - The Gerb were a sentient bipdeal legamorph from the moon of Yavin 13. The Gerb appeared as diminuitive rabbits, with head to toe fur, long ears, whiskers, clawed hands and feet, as well as a long bushy tail. The Gerb had gray, brown, black, or white fur, and had pink ears, as well as large black eyes. The Gerb shared their planet with the sentient snake-like

Slith. The Gerb lived underground in small borrows with up to 10 families living In each. The Gerb moved via a hopping motion, and tended the grasslands of Yavin 13 as farmers, etching out a meager living off of the land. The Gerb spoke their own language, but also learned to speak both basic and the language of the Slith species. The Slith’s venom incapacitated and even killed most species, though inexplicably the Gerb were immune to the venom. Even though it would seem like potentially the Gerb and Slith would be enemies, the two species tended to ignore each other and lived in harmony with one another. Gerb technology consisted of jewelry, such as necklaces and bracelets, as well as ornate staffs and primitive clothing. The Gerbs had a population of about 24 million, 5 million more than that of the Slith. Very few, if any Gerb or Slith were known to go off world. The Gerb knew very little about life in the galaxy offworld, and knew almost nothing about the technology that existed off of their moon either.

Unfortunately the Gerb and Slith are both some of the rare examples of an extinct sentient species. When the Yuuzhan Vong species invaded the galaxy, they invaded and took the Yavin system, they burned the Jedi Temple at Yavin 4, but did not stop there. Afterwards they completed and utterly exterminated every lifeform on the moons of Yavin 8 and Yavin 13. Thus, the Gerbs, very sadly are considered to be an extinct race.

Hysalrian - The Hysalrian are a sentient reptile species originating from an unnamed swamp planet. The Hysalrian are serpentine, with a snake- body from waist down. Above the waist of a Hysalrian is a four-armed torso, with a four-eyed head. The Hysalrian have incredibly long fingers, and their scales are a pale blue or green, with a white underbelly. Hysalrian

technology appears to be quite primitive, with ornate staffs, and clothing which they wear that consists of belts and pouches. All four of their arms are adorned in bracelets. The Hysalrian have no visible nose, and a small mouth. Their 4 black, beady eyes stick off the side of their faces on small bump like structures. Other sentient species considered the Hysalrian to be somewhat odd

in appearance and they resembled the Thisspiasians. The Hysalria system which they are from, has an unnamed swamp planet in which they call home. The most notable Hysalrian, named N’Kata Del Gormo resided on this planet. And according to Jedi legend, it was on the unnamed homeworld of the Hysalrian

that N’Kata Del Gormo trained renowned Jedi Grand Master Yoda, and another unidentified pupil in the ways of the Force.

Ventooinan - The Ventooinans are a near human species native to

the planet of Ventooine. They appear roughly humanoid, but with

more elongated skulls, creating a bean-shaped head. They also

have stubbier ape-like noses, and prominents cheek bones. They

also possess an extremely pale complexion. The majority of

Ventooinans are bald, lacking hair on their heads, it is unclear if that is genetics or a fashion trend

among their people. The Ventooinans have long been known for their primitive and archaic technology,

centuries our of date. The Ventooinans rely heavily on trade with other species, using minerals on their

planet as valuable trade with other species. Even with the trade, other species tend to cheat them out of

deals. The Ventooinan are additionally a highly religious culture, basing their elaborate gowns on their

religion. The religion itself is based off of the minerals and precious jewels on their planet. Their religious

leader, called a Satab, controls the trade of gems and the religious practices. The Ventooinans are

considered by other species to be somewhat dim-witted. The Ventooinans have slaves, enslaving certain

members of their own species, in a caste-like society. Ventooinans also use animals as mounts and to

tow carriages and carts, which is quite an outdated practice among sentients, when much more

advanced technology is more readily available.

That is all the time I had for today, but do not worry, I will return with more fascinating facts on the rich variety of sentient life in our star clusters.



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