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Alien Fact File #11

Welcome all species, to another Alien Factfile, where I, xenobiologist Brennan Renwick of Sernpidal guide you through the research I have accumulated, regarding the vast number of alien sentients known to our galaxy.

Gupin - The Gupin are sentient shape-shifters from an unknown planet.

The Gupin have a colony on the Forest moon of Endor, where many of

them reside. In what can be assumed their natural form the Gupin are

short creatures, about the size of an Ewok. The Gupin have a beige

color skin, with bright orange or brown hair. The Gupin have odd antennae like projections that jut off the

side of their odd-shaped face. The Gupin possess 3 large fingers and 3 or 2 toes. The Gupin prefer to go

barefoot, and wear only simple garments. The Gupin have large and comical eyes, as well as bushy

eyebrows and large cheeks. The hair of the Gupin is quite bushy, and wraps around

their heads like thick patches of fur. The Gupin’s also possess insect-like wings, 2 or 4 of them, which they use for flight. The Gupin can turn into a wide variety of other sentients and inanimate objects as well, ranging from way larger than their normal size, to much smaller. The Gupin have an extremely odd handicap on their powers, however, as they require others to envision what they are about to turn into. The Gupin possess some rudimentary telepathy, as they are then able to read these others being’s minds, and are then able to shapeshift into

what creature or object the people envisioned. It is unclear how many people are required for a transformation, but it has been documented as working with as little as 2 people envisioning an item. It is

unknown where the Gupin originally came from, but my colleague, Professor Makuswett of the University of Sanbra, has speculated that their original home was probably a world with an extreme environment. The reason for this hypothesis, is that in such an extreme environment, this forced the Gupins to evolve and adapt to the inhospitable world around them. Which in turn, must have granted them their unique powerset. The Gupin colony on Endor are the descendants of a group of Gupins who were kidnapped by a group of hunters who collected rare and interesting specimens from around the galaxy. This ship crashed on Endor, bringing with it tons of biologically diverse new lifeforms, including the Gupins. The Gupins enjoy heat, as they travelled to and established cities in a volcano on the moon, where many still reside. The Gupin then fought for many years in long skirmishes with the volatile sentients known as the Grass Trekkers, who lived in the large grassland bordering on the Desert of Salma.

The Gupins have a special ceremony every so often known as the Time of Renewal. The Time of Renewal was a ceremony in which the young, wingless pre-teens, would unlock the Gupin’s sacred chest, and receive their wings. This chest, called the Juniper Chest, also was empowered the Gupin’s shape- shifting abilities. It is still unclear at present as to how exactly the chest gives them powers, or if it could give the power of flight and shape-shifting to other species as well.

Imzig - The Imzig are a sentient near-human species from the planet

Couronne in the Expansion Region. The Imzig appear quite similar in

appearance to the baseline human species, though they have

several distinctive attributes that make them identifiable. The Imzig

have huge cavities around their eyes, caused by prominent facial

bones, which create deep eye sockets. The Imzig have large, baggy

eyelids, and raised, slamted eyebrows. They also have much wider

nostrils than humans, wider apart and wider in size. The Imzig are light skinned, with slight patches of

blue mottled skin, on their nose, cheeks, neck, eyelids, and forehead. The Imzig have a volatile society,

and are governed by a monarchy.

Several planet-wide coups and revolutions have been known to occur, completed or partially replacing their soverign leadership. Due to this, several Imzig have been known to flee their homeworld, evading imprisonment or death due to their allegiances.

Rodisar - The Rodisar are a species of sentient reptillian avians, known as

crocodylomorphs, native to the planet Rodis in the Zuma Sector of the Outer

Rim. The Rodisar have bright blue eyes, with lizard like faces, possessing

sharp teeth and tusk-like projections. They have horns, and odd spiral-shaped

nostrils. The Rodisar have proportionately small 3 clawed feet, and

proportionately large 4 clawed hands. The Rodisar had chalky white skin, and stripes on their neck and

fingers. The scaly species also had a large, thick tail. The Rodisar have been known to be an agressive

species, fighting a series of bloody conflicts on Rodis, known as the Winter Wars. A notable general in

the war and later a gladiator, Nilo, was a notable member of the Rodisar species.

Thus ends another transmission of informative packets. But keep your head up, I will return with more intricate details, on further sentient species in the next transmission. I trust I will see you there.

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