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Alien Fact File #12 Defel

Welcome back to another Alien Factfile, where I, the Sernpidalian xenobiologist Brennan Renwick of the University of Sanbra, guide you through all of the research I have gathered, regarding the many sentients that traverse our stars.

Defel - The Defel, sometimes referred to as “Wraiths”, are a sentient species of canines native to the planet Af’El in the Outer Rim. The Defel have been called Wraiths by the many beings terrified of them, due to their ability to belnd into shadows, this has led to them being mistaken as living shadows. Many beings in the galaxy believe them to have chameleon-esque powers, and thus fear them greatly. The Defel appear as tall canines with long ears, short snouts, huge clasws, and long limbs. The skin color of a Defel can range from green to orange, whilst their fur color will appear in normal light to be black or brown. However, ultra-violet light reveals their true fur color, which surprisingly turns out to be bright blues and yellows. The ultra-violet tone of their fur is what allows to blend into shadows in normal conditions. Their planet, Af’El lacks an ozone layer, meaning ultra-violet light floods the entire planet. Because of this the Defel can see in ultra-violet, but in normal light are mostly blind, except for in the dark in which their sense of sight is heightened tremendously above that of other races. The Defel get around this blindness in normal light with special visors which will allow them to see in

these normal conditions. Due to their shadowy, camouflaged nature, combined with deadly teeth and claws, the Defel are sought after by criminals for work as assassins, mercenaries, thieves, and bodyguards. Defel are creatures of standards, and they admire others who have honor. Honor is attained by one who they see as possessing truthfulness, strength, and the ability to keep one’s word. Due perhaps to their homeworld being isolated from the galaxy for many years, the Defel are often loners. And the extreme opression and abuse their people suffered at the hand’s of the Galactic Empire seemingly instilled a general suspicion of others. However, notably by the time of the Killik’s uprisings in the Swarm War, at least one Defel was undergoing training as a Jedi on Ossus, showing that the Defel can overcome their solitary instincts.

Thank you, dear reader for tuning into this transmission of the Alien Factfile. My time is running short now, but make sure to keep a look out for my next transmission, containing another

informative packet on the aliens who wander our star systems! See you then!

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