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  • Brennan Renwick

Alien Fact File #2

Hello again! Welcome to the 2nd edition of Alien Factfile, where I, xenobiologist Brennan Renwick, shed light on the fantastical sentients that abide in our galaxy. Take a look at some fascinating information on 3 sentient species, that my years of research has turned up!

Akwin - The Akwin are a sentient aquatic species native to Lazerian IV. The Akwin has a long serpentine neck, and blueish-green fur that covers their body. They also have dense hair, that acts as cilia, growing in patches on their heads. The cilia there can vary in color. The Akwin possess 4 arms, each equipped with 3 large fingers. They also have powerful legs, ending in flippers, as well as a long and flat tail, ending in a webbed structure that helps to propel them

through the water. They have blowholes on the back of their heads, meaning they are mammals and need air to survive. The Akwin’s homeworld, Lazerian IV was settled by humans who came to be known as Lazerians. Contact between the water-dwelling Akwins and surface-dwelling

Lazerians, was sporadic. Sightings of Akwins by the Lazerians humans were dismissed as

hallucinations, or they thought them to simply be unintelligent sea creatures. Due to these early altercations, Akwins deemed formal contact with humans to be something the Lazerians were not yet ready for. Akwin technology included blaster-like devices and also vest-like clothing, which they wore around their shoulders. Though they possessed aquatic blaster-like weapons, the Akwins were mild-mannered pacifists, and resided in massive, sprawling underwater cities, hidden from the surface world. The Akwins learned much about the Lazerian humans who lived above them over the years, utilizing their scouts to listen in on interactions that their surface- world neighbors had. Analyzing what they were able to learn about their neighbors, the Akwins believe themselves to be vastly superior to the humans sharing their planet.

Ming Po - The Ming Po are a short, stocky near-human species from Carlac, a frigid, snow- covered

world in the Outer Rim. The Ming Po appear mostly the same to baseline humans, though they are shorter than humans, and all have coarse and rigid black hair. The Ming Po are also often noticably weathered in appearance, due to the harsh

conditions on their homeworld. The Ming Po are a peaceful people, living in villages and working their land as farmers. The Ming Po adorn themselves in ornate and beautiful robes, and also paint their faces. Ming Po wear beautiful jewelry in their hair and beards, and

around their wrists. The Ming Po wear heavy robes and clothing, as well as pointed shoes, to combat the harsh snow on Carlac. During the Clone Wars, several peaceful Ming Po villages

were threatened by the Mandalorian Death Watch group, and several were killed when several of their villages were burned down.

Mosciive - The Mosciive are a near-human species, residing on the Inner Rim world of Simocadia. The Mosciive are identifiable for their slanted, red eyes, where both their iris and

sclera were a startling bright red. Their eyes have drawn comparisons to those of a snake. They are also notable for their thin, black eyebrows that slant at vertically at an extreme degree. Mosciive can have brown, black, or red hair, and many Mosciive enjoy wearing earrings. The Mosciive’s home planet,

Simocadia became caught up in the Clone Wars, in which they had attempted to stay neutral. However, Jedi intervened to bring the planet into the Republic, after the prince of the Mosciive, attempted to join the CIS, in order to make a profit off the mines there. This attempt to join the CIS was unsuccesful however, after Jedi Master Mace Windu stopped the prince from destroying the Mosciive’s own mines.

That is all the research I had time to share today, on the wondrous and curious species that make up our universe. Until next transmission, my curious readers! Yeha!



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