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Alien Fact File #3

Welcome back to the Alien Factfile, where I, the xenobiologist Brennan Renwick, share my research on some of the astounding life that makes up our galaxy! Today’s transmission, features, 1 extraordinary and curious species!

Laboi- The Laboi are a sentient serpentine mammal indigenous to Laboi II. The Laboi are a limbless and fur-covered species, that appear as large snakes, ranging from 2-10 meteres in length. Despite lacking arms, the Laboi are able to grip items with

their incredibly flexible, pointed tale, or in their mouth, amidst their rows of sharp teeth. The Laboi have large, mouse-like ears, and possess eyes with slit pupils. The Laboi also have a peculiar hairless nose that has four distinct nostrils. The fur of the Laboi come in

thick, bright shades of blue, green, red, and violet. The thick fur wards of the cold environment of their homeworld during the frigid night, and the bright colors help them to blend in to the

colorful mineral fields. However, at daytime an amazing change occurs, as their fur coat will turn a bright white, to help keep the extreme heat of

the day off of their backs. The Laboi live in tribes that abide within large clumps of mineral crystals. The male Laboi are physically larger than the females, though the females often display

telekenetic abilities, which the males lack. The Laboi give birth to live young, which are referred to as “worms”, and the amount of offspring born at once is determined by the size of the female, with the longer females having more than one “worm” at a time. The Laboi utillize their mineral crystals, by stirring pools with them, by grasping specific tools they created to assist them in this task, known as “stir-sticks”. Sometimes, the females use

their telekenis to move the minerals around,

which is easier work. Each tribe has a leader,

which is always the oldest, and largest male.

Laboi developed their own language and even

their own music, as well as crude tools in order

to harness the minerals crucial to their daily

lives. Though they appeared primitive

technologically at a glance, the Laboi were

actually a distinguished mental species. Many

of their species, found work off-world as philosophers and business executives, though some resorted to

criminal activities as crime-lords. Where physically theyw ere at a disadvantage, their mental capacities

were incredibly high. However, although very sophisticated mentally, by nature the Laboi are still

agressive predators.

That ends my findings for today, on an incredibly fascinating species. Until next time, my fellow wonderers of the aliens that traverse the stars, signing off.

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