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Alien Fact File #4

Welcome to yet another Alien Factfile, where I, the xenobiologist Brennan Renwick, guide you through some of our cosmos’ most unique lifeforms. Today we will be taking a peek into the lives’ of 3 near-human species!

Argazdan - The Argazdan are a historically volatile near-human species from the planet Argazda. The

Argazdan species descended from a human population that settled their planet many centuries ago. It is unclear as to why, but over time the

human population of Argazda, eventually evolved into their own seperate species, the Argazdan. An Argazdan appears very similar to normal humans, though they are characterized by their yellowish or greenish skin tone, bright yellow eyes, as well as deep, dark green pockets beneath their eyes. They

are also noteworthy for their bright white hair from birth, as well as their prominent and

pronounced cheeks, which are incredibly well-defined, due to large facial bones. The Argazdan are a historically violent species, withdrawing from the Republic around 3,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. In the massive fallout, the Argazdan became a violent people, enslaving neighboring planets’ populations to use as slaves. However, the Argazdan were not always like this, in fact the human population that had originally settled Argazda were known to be a laid-

back and conservative people. These early settlers also followed an ancient religion known as Vianism, that resulted in them being a peaceful and friendly society. It is unclear what changed for their leadership, that prompted them to become so agressive, but never the

less it did happen. The Argazdan quickly became infamous for their cruelty as slavers, enslaving many other species in the Kanz sector. At conflict with the Republic now, who disagreed with their cruelty, the resulting 300 year conflict was known as the Kanz Disorders. Argazdan slavers became feared during that era, characterized by their unmistakable black armor suit, red cape, and curving red shoulder guards. The imposing costume became a symbol for the pain they inflicted on other species. One notable Argazdan was Doctor Raygar, an Imperial associated archaeologist, who donned the slaver-costume of his archaic ancestors.

Biituian - The Biituian are a near-human species from the planet Biitu in the Outer Rim. The Biituian

people appear almost anatomically identical to baseline humans, with the exception of their pale green skin, and complete lack of any hair on their body. It is unclear as to why, but Biituian’s cover their hairless heads, with head-coverings such as hats or other headgear. The Biituian’s enjoye a peaceful existence, working as farmers, by harvesting the fruits of the

various trees on their planet. The Biituian are renowned for their friendliness towards other species, and they are trusting of most people, which is why they can be an easy target for malicious species or factions. The Imperials were one such faction, which threatened their simple way of life, by depleting their water supply to an extent which they entire people could have been wiped out. However, the hero Mungo Baobab was able to defeat the Imperials, and restore their watersupply,

ending their strife and renewing their easy-going lifestyle.

Pyn’gani - The Pyn’gani are a near-human species native to the ice-planet Polus in the Outer Rim. The Pyn’gani are biologicaly nearly identical to humans. Though they are known for their darker skin pigmentation, a brownish color, and also their high tolerance for cold. These attributes seperate them from humans. Pyn’gani have dark hair, and wear thick clothing, with large boots to protect themselves from their planets’ extreme temperature. Their planet, Polus was known to have constant blizzards, and temperatures were often 50

degrees below freezing. Even though they are incredibly resistant to cold temperatures comparatively to humans, Pyn’gani cities are insulated by large heat generators. Some Pyn’gani have been known to be Force- sensitive, and a notable Jedi Master named Anno Wen-Chii, was a Pyn’gani. The Pyn’gani are known to be somewhat reclusive as a people.

The Pyn’gani were instrumental in developing carbinite freezing, working for the Empire. The Empire used the tecnology that the Pyn’gani created, to ensure freshness of perishable items on long journeys. The Pyn’gani are a technologically crafty people, developing their towns and

houses, as structures that hold the most warmth possible. The Pyn’gani also developed a carbonite gun, as a weapon, used for self-defense.

This ends my research for today, I hope you enjoyed this transmission on the wondrous lifeforms that make up this stunning galaxy. Until next time, May the Force be with you!

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