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Alien Fact File #5

Welcome to my 5th transmission of Alien Factfile, a series of informative pckets put together by xenobiologist Brennan Renwick, to further your understanding of the wacky sentients that frequent our stars. I have some interesting research on 3 sentients assembled today.

Bilar - The Bilar are a hive-minded group of ursidae-like primates, hailing from Mima II, in the Western Reaches of the Mid Rim. The Bilar appear is miniature hairless bears, having pink skin, and a wrinkly

diminuitive body, that is as tall as the average human’s

thighs.. Somewhat pudgy, and sporting large, dark eyes, the Bilar have a somewhat cuddly appearance. They also have small circular ears, and stubby claws on their feet and hands. The Bilars’ sentience is an incredibly fascinating and interesting study. Take 1 Bilar or even

2, and they are non-sentient lifeforms, achieving little more intelligence than that of a dog, but once you have four in the hive-minded group, they have achieved sentience. The groups that

Bilars live in are known as “claqas”, and a Bilar will automatically join a claqa, as soon as birth, depending on what group hive-mind is closest to them. The Bilar individuals in the hive-mind

will retain some free will, as some part of them may want to make their own choices, but ultimately the intelligence that is shared by the group, will trump any personal feelings. The individual Bilar have no names, as each one is collectively known by the same

shared name for the group intelligence. If one member of a claqa were to be killed ot depart, the result could be catastrophic, and the whole claqa could potentially die as a result. The maximum number of members in one claqa Hive-mind documented so far are 10, and 7 members and above would be considered way above the average intelligence of most species.

Thus, the more members in the group the more intelligent. Few Bilar ever ventured away from their fertile planet, but those that did were renowned as hard workers. Some Bilar claqas offworld spent time working as slicers or assassins, using their intelligence and physical numbers to their advantage.

Jeby - The Jeby are a scaly sentient species that are from the planet Rainboh in the Hapes Cluster. The Jeby appear as huge, hulking creatures, with four legs, ending in stubby feet, and 12 tentacles

distributed on either side of their rounded bodies. The Jeby have three heads, atop long two-colored necks. It is unclear if each head has a distinctive brain and thus their own personality and thought process, or if in fact, every one of the heads makes up only 1 overall

intelligence. The legs and tentacles of the Jeby are covered in red, white, and pink stripes, whilst the abdomen is covered in red and pink spots on a white colored body. The heads of the Jeby are a peachy color, similar to the hue of some human pigmentation. Their eyes are large and solid black, almost bug-like, and they have small noses, and large mouths on their tiny heads. Each head has a single blackstrand of hair that sticks up high. The

Jeby are towering creatures, and are known to be quite happy and jovial. The Jeby are recognized for their sense of humor. When they laugh, their spots somehow detach from their body, and can be seen in piles all around the planet. Through an as of yet, undiscovered process the Jeby are then able to

reattach the spots, via sucking them back onto their body through their tentacles. This may be the process in which they nourish themselves, but currently that is nothing more than speculation.

Snogar - The Snogar are a sentient, yet primitive ape-like species native to the ice world of Ota.

The Snogars are slightly taller than humans, and have dark gray or purple skin, though their head, face, and neck are covered in a think white fur. The Snogar live in a tough, frozen climate, and have a weathered appearance due to the extreme temperatures. To survive

the Snogar have to reside in ancient, technologically advanced cities with heat generators. It is unclear what happened to the creators of these cities with advanced technology on the primitive

world of Ota, though they are presumed long extinct. Though primitive in their mental capacity, the Snogar can speak in basic, broken sentences. Their technology consists of blunt or crude weapons. The Snogar also utillize a one-man vehicle, which traverses the snow, called powersliders. Though it remains unclear if this was technology of their creation, or of the ancient

civillization that built the cities they reside in. The Snogar do not have the understanding on how to fix or maintain the heat generators that keep them safe from the cold. The Snogar are somewhat quick to anger and are a violent species when they feel the need. The Snogar have a knowledge of

species that come from other worlds, and regard them with a mix of awe and suspicion. The Snogar refer to many of the off-worlders as “The Smart Ones”, showing that they understand that many other species have higher cognitive functions than they. They revere, yet fear these “smart- ones”.

Thus ends all of the information I presently have on these species. Next transmission, I will have more details on the wonderful and curious people that make up our nebulaes!



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